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They tell us

Welcome to this blog to our very dear customers who have agreed to tell us behind the scenes of their wedding.

Who does not dream of gleaning some good plans before D-Day?

Discover a designer wedding canon, find a good photographer or find good theme inspirations to have the perfect procession…

Les petits choux think of you and circulate the information!

This is the start of a series that we hope will grow thanks to your testimonies.

Episode 1: Charlotte and Martin's wedding

Hello Charlotte,

Thank you for agreeing to tell us about your wedding.

Who are you ? age, profession, city ...

My name is Charlotte, I am 26 years old and I am a consultant in support of change in Paris.

What time of year did your wedding take place?

Our wedding took place in July under a bright sun!

Where ? Why ?

We got married in Sarthe at my grandmother's! I always dreamed of getting married in this house which shelters wonderful memories of childhood. How long did you have to organize all the preparations? We had a year and a half to organize the wedding which left us a lot of time to worry about the smallest details (maybe even a little too much!)

What was the easiest and the least easy in the preparations?

I loved making the table plan (thanks to the very well-done software). I liked the idea of creating table atmospheres while seeking common interests between the guests. I even wrote a little letter on each of them to guide the conversations.

The most difficult was the preparation of the religious ceremony to try to satisfy the expectations of each family.

Did you have a theme or a color? why this choice?

I have chosen to highlight the burgundy / fuchsia color which I like a lot for the accessories for the children of honor, the ties for the witnesses and some decorative elements. There was no particular theme even if the pretty surrounding countryside, the many bouquets and the pretty long floral dresses of my friends gave a rather rural atmosphere.

Was choosing your dress easy? which creator?

After many fittings without a crush, I decided to have it done by Marie d'Ymouville, a designer with fairy fingers. I loved being able to draw my dress and my veil. I was thus able to make a reminder between the lace of my veil and that of the straps of the dresses of the little maids of honor!

Did you have children of honor?

- How? 6

- what ages? between 4 and 8 years old

- girls and boys ? 4 girls and 2 boys

Which model (s) did you choose?

Robe Ondine Les petits choux de Bruxelles

For the bridesmaids, I chose the Ondine dress with its lace straps, its petticoat to give size (the girls loved it) and its wine-colored buttons and for the groomsmen, the Peter Pan shirt with suspenders to match the girls' buttons. I wanted a dominance of white with a few splashes of color in the bars, buttons, suspenders and shoe laces only.

Did you take a photographer for D-Day? would you recommend it?

We took Henri Buffetaut as photographer which I recommend 100%! On D-Day, we laughed a lot and Henri did not hesitate to come and save me when an old aunt lingered too long during the cocktail on her memories of my childhood.

We love these photos which are very natural with beautiful light.

Did you have entrance music for dinner? if yes which one ? why this choice ?

Yes we chose Samba de Janeiro to start the party! This music is catchy and punchy!

Assessment of this unique day?

We were very lucky and had an unforgettable day!

Best memories ?

The evening until early morning!

If you had to do it again, what would you do differently?

Nothing except maybe having more memories in videos!

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