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Welcome to this blog to our very dear customers who have agreed to tell us behind the scenes of their wedding.

Who does not dream of gleaning some good plans before D-Day?

Discover a designer wedding canon, find a good photographer or find good theme inspirations to have the perfect procession…

Les petits choux think of you and circulate the information!

This is the start of a series that we hope will grow thanks to your testimonies.

Episode 10

Constance's wedding

mariage les petits choux de bruxelles

Hello Constance,

Thank you for agreeing to tell us about your wedding.

Who are you ? age, profession, city ...

I'm 28 and work as a men's ready-to-wear sales assistant in Saint-Malo.

At what time of year did your wedding take place?

Our wedding took place on 20 August 2022, at the end of this summer.

Where ? Why?

We got married in Saint-Vincent's Cathedral in Saint-Malo and then met up again at La Bardoulais, a beautiful malouinière in Saint-Méloir-des-Ondes, just a few kilometres from the Cathedral.

mariage les petits choux de Bruxelles>

How long did you have to organise all the preparations?

We spent a year and a half organising our wedding, and that wasn't too much time!

What was the easiest and least easy part of the preparations?

The easiest thing for us to do was to find a photographer: an outstanding professional with whom we had an instant rapport and who was able to understand our expectations from the very first time we met. He was Yannick Billioux, from Liffré, also in Ille-et-Vilaine. The hardest part was coordinating the different service providers we'd chosen for our wedding and bringing to life the ideas for the decor that I had in my head but which, in reality, proved tricky to put into practice... I succeeded, for the most part!

Did you have a theme or colour?

Our theme was 'between land and sea', as Amaury, my husband, is from Cancale and I'm from Fougères. So there were three dominant colours. Dark blue for the sea, pale pink for my favourite flowers and white to symbolise purity and softness.

Was it easy to choose your dress? Which designer?

A very simple choice, made in the presence of my Mum and my two little sisters and witnesses. I saw the dress in the shop, tried it on and adopted it in just five minutes! The anecdote will live on! It was in a shop in Fougères that I wouldn't recommend because the alterations to the dress left a lot to be desired... Shame!

Did you have children of honour? Of course I did.

● How many? There were six of them.

● How old? Between two and a half and almost ten.

● girls and boys? Three girls and three boys.

enfant d'honneur>

Which model(s) had you chosen?

We fell in love with the Cléophée dress, to which we added a wide pale pink belt. For the gentlemen, we paired the Aladin shirt with Merlin Bermuda shorts, which we matched with a wide belt this time, navy blue.

demoiselle d'honneur les petits choux de bruxelles

Have you taken a photographer for the big day? Would you recommend him/her?

Mr Yannick Billioux, incredibly talented!

Did you have an entrance music for the dinner? if yes which one? why this choice?

It was Je Te Donne by Génération Goldman. This song has always spoken to me and made a huge amount of sense here as "nos différences" echoes our thirteen years apart for us. Plus, French chanson is in my blood!

A review of this unique day?

A wonderful moment of peace and unity with family, friends,.... It's a day that passes in a snap of the fingers and yet takes a long time to prepare. I'd love to experience it again, but in my trousers this time

decoration de mariage

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