One wedding and two funerals

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One wedding and two funerals

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Believe in our experience, there are a few pitfalls to be avoided so that this symbolic passage is successful and not undergone.

We won't give you any addresses specialised in this type of event, we trust your friends to find them. On se permettra en revanche quelques suggestions et mises en garde que vous pourrez glisser à vos témoins …p>


Being pampered, pampered and complimented are the winning markers of a good hen party.

So forget the dubious disguises in the middle of the street, because fishnet tights, the bra on the t-shirt, the trowel make-up, the crepe hair and other crazy pledges only make others laugh

Dare to be a little firm with your girlfriends, declare your love in the metro in an improbable outfit, for you it will be NO!

On the other hand, we say yes to a girly getaway. A farniente atmosphere, laughter, chatting, swimming costumes, sun cream, playa. Running around Barcelona's museums will be less useful for your tan before D day than a deckchair on the sand.

If you don't want to spend a weekend in the sun, a spa or a toe massage will do the trick. Pour les sportives ça marche aussi après l’effort. Le soir venu quelques tubes discos pendant un karaoké et beaucoup de mojitos ou de Caipirinha feront un combo gagnant. Yes, it's not only guys who freak out before getting married.

For the atmosphere we aim at a group of at least 6 people but not more than 10, we are not in a seminar either!


First of all, NOT THE DAY BEFORE THE WEDDING!!... thanks, but the film "Very bad trip" traumatised us all, and green is not pretty for the complexion.

Not the weekend before your wedding either, it will be reserved for our lovers to breathe and get together before the final stretch.

In the casting, buddies, not "girlfriends", we trust him but all the same! On suggère en finesse d’intégrer au groupe un frère raisonnable ou un copain sage qui servira de garde de fou et pourquoi pas d’oeil de Moscou. With him you will have more peace of mind, your fiancé will not be forced to attend a tasteless strip tease or a lap dance in a dark bar.

We can also suggest to the organizer, always with finesse, that the union hour to start the aperitif is not before 5pm in the evening and before 11am for lunch ... and that the flow of alcohol is not to be expected on a drip. well that we do not guarantee that it will work.

A change of scenery, going on an adventure is nice but safe is better. If they're doing the wine route, they should think about going back to the hotel with a driver rather than trying to save money and end up in a ditch.

Sporting activities or challenges of all kinds will often be part of the game, as long as they check the elastic and the harness before jumping, we won't mind..

Come on, courage, it's a delicate moment to go through and let's not forget that friends are Life!

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