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Welcome to this blog to our very dear customers who have agreed to tell us behind the scenes of their wedding.

Who does not dream of gleaning some good plans before D-Day?

Discover a designer wedding canon, find a good photographer or find good theme inspirations to have the perfect procession…

Les petits choux think of you and circulate the information!

This is the start of a series that we hope will grow thanks to your testimonies.

Episode 7

Jeanne and Jean’s wedding

Hello Jeanne,

Thank you for agreeing to tell us about your wedding.

Who are you ? age, profession, city ...

I am 30 years old and I live in the countryside north of Tours.

What time of year did your wedding take place?

We got married in mid-September

Where ? Why ?

In a small village in the south of the Sarthe, Chenu, where I grew up.

blog mariage les petits choux de bruxelles

How long did you have to organise all the preparations?

About 10 months.

What was the easiest and the least easy in the preparations?

The easiest part was finding a caterer, DJ, and a priest. In 2 days my husband had already booked everything.

The hardest part was managing all the little details in the days leading up to the wedding, luckily we had a lot of help!

What impact did COVID have on the preparations?

Apart from a few stressful moments to agree on possible plan Bs in case of restrictions, no impact!

Did you have a theme or a color? why this choice?

We chose green for the colour. It was mostly symbolic for my husband as it is the colour of the leather goods industry.

temoignage mariée les petits choux de bruxelles

Was choosing your dress easy? which creator?

Marylise Bridal, I had a fairly clear idea of my dress and it only took 2 fittings to fall in love with it.

Did you have children of honor?


- How many? 8

- What ages ? between 4 and 9 years old..

- Girls and boys ? 1 boy and 7 girls

Which model (s) did you choose?

The Ondine dress with ruffled cross straps, a petticoat and a big green bow. My bridesmaids also wore a pretty white flower crown. Our little groomsman was dressed in the Aladdin shirt and Merlin shorts with lapels and a green belt. So cute.

enfants d honneur les petits choux de bruxelles.  demoiselle d honneur les petits choux de bruxelles

Did you take a photographer for D-Day? would you recommend it?

Yes, a very good photographer: Jean Desplat, and also a great cameraman: Jérémy Gibier, FA3 production

enfants d'honneur les petits choux de bruxelles robe ondine

What special arrangements did you make to reassure your guests?

We asked everyone for a health pass

Did you have entrance music for dinner? if yes which one ? why this choice ?

Gam gam, to set the mood for the evening.

Assessment of this unique day?

Incredible, the day passed so quickly that everything is a blur, like in a dream

Best memories ?

The entrance to the church, without a doubt, when you realise that this wonderful day that you have been preparing for is finally starting.

If you had to do it again, what would you do differently?

Perhaps a shorter dinner, because despite our efforts to keep it short, the evening started at 11.30pm. Otherwise nothing at all, everything was just magical!

robe de mariée les petits choux de bruxelles

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