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This year is your year, you're going to get married!

Hyper foresighted or adept at the last minute, you will have to organize yourself so as not to be overwhelmed by all the preparations.

As you are a future bride 2.0, you have already made your small turn on Pinterest or Instagram to take trends and glean some beautiful ideas.

So, 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 we start the countdown, and we try to keep our agenda!

D- 5 months

You have identified the children of honor who will be part of your wedding procession. How many will they be? How old should they be?

Gender equality is not just a good idea, if you get it, your escort will only be more cute and balanced.

Our little advice: these dear blond heads will play their role better between 4 and 8 years. The 2 to 3 year olds are chewable with their chubby cherub format, but more uncontrollable during the ceremony and the photo sessions.

On the other hand, nothing prevents you from matching their outfit to those of your procession!

D- 4 months

Are you sure, your wedding color will be blue ?! it's perfect you can move forward in the customization of outfits and accessories.

Then it's as simple as a click! We go to the website of Les petits choux de Bruxelles and we tick all of their desires: belt, buttons, tulle overskirt, petticoat, but also accessories: flower crowns, baskets, bow ties, shoe laces, etc.

And look, if we also match the ties of our witnesses and our brothers with the belt of children of honor!

It is in these small details that we see the great processions!

D- 3 months

We order online to give our Atelier time to realize your wishes.

Then, we have the parents of the chosen children fill out the measurement sheet received so that their outfit is adjusted to the decimal point (allow at least 15 days to retrieve all the measurements, some mothers do not even have a meter at home).

D- 1 month

Abracadabra you receive your outfits, Wow!

They are even better than in your dreams! One less subject to deal with in your To do list, nice, you will have more free time to tame your future mother-in-law!

Shhh I didn't tell you anything!

See you soon

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