How to dress your children for their first communion?

Publié le : 04/16/2020 16:59:57
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How to dress your children for their first communion?

How to dress your children for their first communion?

Like every year, you will soon be overwhelmed ... As we know, spring always brings with it its share of events.

Between the dance performance at the end of the year for your godchild, the baptism of your nephew, the wedding of your cousin, the school party, the birthday of your best friend, this year we will also have to organize the first Communion of your daughter, Sweet Jesus !!

But Alleluia, Les petits choux de Bruxelles are there, This is your chance, all our models are "compatible communion" phew. So we take a deep breath and relax.

What dress code?

If you want to stay in the purest tradition, only one watchword: white from white and more white. Admittedly, nothing will be more suitable for this religious event. However, be careful not to look like a mini bride. For risk enthusiasts ("measured" we grant you), we suggest a white base to which you can add customizations and accessories in pastel colors: belt, buttons, vest, crown of flowers ...


They will love choosing with you their outfit for this big day, to help you can browse our collection. Our Cléophée, Clochette and Ondine models are perfectly in the theme. And we will never tell you enough, all our dresses are customizable.

Do you want to lengthen the skirt, add sleeves, request a thin lace belt or even a ruffled collar? So be it, we will hear your prayers. And the result will be divine. To know all the possible variants, browse our Eshop, lots of inspirations are waiting for you. To complete the perfect set for the first communion, bring a white or beige cardigan, white tights or socks, pretty ballerinas and the final touch with a pretty bow or flower crown in her hair.


They will look like altar boys with our Merlin Bermuda shorts and the Peter Pan shirt. Just like girls you can customize their outfit.

Remember to choose them a light gray or beige sweater, white socks and beware of spikes on their heads that morning, that would be messy;)

Finally, we announce good news, their outfit will be recyclable for your cousin's wedding and the baptism of your nephew, so you will kill 3 birds with one stone. Isn't that a miracle ?!

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